Truly Redundant; True 2N

redIT’s data centers are capable of delivering extremely high-density, power intensive deployments. Our fully redundant 2N power infrastructure represents what we call a True 2N system. The A side and the B side never come into contact, remaining separate all the way from the source to your environment. While we do offer other configurations, True 2N is critical for companies who understand the value of having a completely redundant system in place at all times.

Our staff continuously monitors the power infrastructure’s performance metrics. Physical rounds are routinely conducted to visually inspect UPS and PDU systems, with readings noted and maintained through a custom built iPad app that monitors our systems. Every piece of equipment throughout the infrastructure is regularly tested and monitored, and service contracts with quick time-to-respond commitments are in place should maintenance be required.

Circuit Breaker
redIT is capable of delivering 120v, 208v, or 208v 3-phase breakers. We can construct power configurations that meet very specific needs with our customizable deployment options, which can be adjusted over time should conditions change. These options provide assurance that your company won’t be forced into a predefined offering that doesn’t cater to your unique configuration. And you’ll only be paying for what you really need.

Aggregate Breaker
For companies looking for custom suites or large cage space at our World Trade Drive Data Center, redIT can supply power to these environments through an aggregate breaker model that distributes 3-Phase power in 10-AMP increments. Because our cages are equipped with their own dedicated breaker panels, you have an out-of-the-box ability to distribute your power supply based on your changing needs. The aggregate breaker model makes it easier to customize power allotments within each environment. It also provides the savings associated with only paying for what you really need. The result is a substantially more cost-effective deployment that caters to your company’s exact requirements.

True 2N Power Infrastructure

Fully Redundant/System Diverse


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    Utility Feeds

    Power is supplied to the data center via redundant 12 kVA electrical feeds that can deliver over 25 Megawatts of capacity.

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    Backup Generators

    Redundant 2 Megawatt Caterpillar generators provide backup power to the facility.

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    UPS Units

    An advanced UPS architecture with redundant Mitsubishi UPS units provides power conditioning to mitigate surges, sags, and power anomalies.

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    Power Distribution Units

    Redundant PDUs efficiently allocate power throughout the data center.

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    Dedicated Breaker Panels

    Redundant, dedicated breaker panels at our World Trade Drive facility allow for tailored power distribution within each environment.

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    Cabinet Power

    Two completely independent and fully redundant power sources are brought to the cabinet, providing a true 2N power infrastructure.

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